img_0486Oh Bali, where do I begin! I met a girlfriend from home here as well along with a group of girlfriends from Brisbane my first time around (Trip #1) and my second time I came here for ten days on my babymoon (Trip #2).

Trip #1

Seminyak – 5 nights

Getting there:

I flew into Denspasar and then had a friend of a friend pick me up from the airport; I know you can cab for $10-$15 dollars from the airport into the main area of Seminyak


We stayed at the Seminyak capsule hostel: can’t say enough good things about this hostel, it was clean, beds were capsules with your own outlet and light (crucial backpacking essentials). These is where we based out of for 5 nights. See link:

Things to do:

– hired a driver for $50 divided by x # of people in the car and drove all around Ubud (visited the Tegalang Rice Terrace), visited the cutest coffee bean place, temples, and the waterfalls; just ask the driver to take you to the best spots 🙂

-hired a driver for $50 divided by x # of people in the car and drive around the beaches south of Seminyak. These include dreamland beach, padang padang (where eat, pray, love was filmed), uluwatu temple, and my favourite Balangan Beach

-do the rounds on the different beach clubs, potato head, woo bar, single fin beach club (in Uluwatu) and all the other ones along Kuta beach

-surf is great for beginners in Bali

-time it so you can see the baby turtles get released on Kuta beach (this is still a dream I need to fulfill)

-hike mount batur at sunrise (busiest hike I’ve ever been on)

Things I wish I knew/did: In hindsight I wouldn’t have stayed in Seminyak – its great because its central, but its a little more westernized and touristy. If I would’ve done things differently I would’ve based out of uluwatu and beaches down south and stayed longer in Canggu and visited Ubud from there.

Canggu – 3 nights

Getting there:

It is about a forty five minute taxi from Seminyak with light traffic


Must stay at the Farm Hostel – this is top three hostels for me I’ve ever stayed. It has the greatest vibe, it feels like family, and I usually like moving from place to place but this place draws you in and makes you never want to leave. See link:

Things to do:

-eat at betelnut cafe and shady shack

-rent motorbikes here to surf at the beaches

-drink at old man’s on wednesday nights and pretty poison every other night you’re here

-do absolutely nothing besides have sundowners at the beach

Things I wish I knew/did:  I wish I had more time here and would’ve hired motorbikes to go to Ubud from here 🙂

Gili T – 4 nights

Getting there:

We organized pick up via the hostel by shuttle bus and then ferry to Gili T (takes approximately about an hour drive to the port, and a couple hours ferry) costed around $50


Gili Backpackers Castle – FYI it is a party hostel so prepare yourself as this is a party island; See link:!591!3!188388055880!e!!g!!gili+castle+gili+trawangan&source=adwordsenhostelnames&network=g&creative=188388055880&adposition=1t1&uniqueclickID=7792624318504560794&sub_keyword=gili+castle+gili+trawangan&sub_ad=e&sub_publisher=ADW&ef_id=WTkI6QAAAWZfHlQm:20170613115341:s

Things to do:

-diving was great here – lots of turtles and I found that Sharks point was the spot to go

-rent bicycles and go around the island

-beach beach beach

-snorkel trip and visit Gili Meno for the day

Things I wish I knew/did:

– I thing I would’ve enjoyed the relaxing vibes more of Gili Meno however I am also glad I stayed on Gili T. No regrets 🙂

Canggu – 2 nights

I really loved the Farm and Canggu I came back here for a couple nights before my flight back to Sydney 🙂

Trip #2

Sanur – 1 night

Getting there:

We flew into Denspasar and then we took an uber for $10 to stay in Sanur for the evening, which is where the ferry goes to the Nusa islands.


We stayed at Yulia 2 Homestay in Sanur which was walking distance to the ferry to the Nusa islands.

Things to do:

– We got in pretty late so just wandered and went out for dinner

Nusa Lembongan – 4 nights

Getting there:

We got a return trip ferry from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan Island and open return from Nusa Penida for $50. And once we got onto the island we hired a motorbike to get around.


I absolutely loved where we stayed here which was at Sari Nusa Inn. It worked out to $30 a night and had an amazing pool.

Things to do:

– did a snorkel tour to see the Manta Rays

– motor bike to Devil’s tear

– watch sunsets at Sandy Bay Beach Club

– go to happy hour at dream beach

– you can motorbike to Nusa Cennigan over the Yellow Story Bridge

– visit the blue lagoon on Nusa Cennigan

– go to happy hour at Le Pirate Beach Club on Nusa Cennigan

– lay by the pool all day

Nusa Penida – 4 nights

Getting there:

From there we took a boat over to Nusa Penida (45 mins) from the dock near Yellow Story Bridge and also hired a motorbike. I loved loved Nusa Penida.


Nusa Penida is a bit bigger than Nusa Lembongan so we stayed at a few different spots:

Ring Sameton Resort Hotel & Gepah Garden Cottages;

Things to do:

– snorkel at Crystal Bay

– hike down to Atuh Beach

– visit Angel’s Billabong

– check out Broken Beach

– KelingKing Beach (this is an intense scaling of cliffs but well worth the hike/ view)

– visit the Seganing waterfall

– swim in the Tembelign Natural pools

Things to note:

I must warn you all the roads to these spots I listed above – we got to by motorbike, however you should feel fairly confident and experienced to ride the roads as they are treacherous.

Canggu – 1 night

We ended our trip back on the main island back in Canggu – my favourite part of Bali – no doubt. We went late night to Pretty Poison, had happy hour on the lawn, and dined at the Shady shack for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Overall recommendations: I couldn’t be happier to be back in this gorgeous country. It was an easy, affordable, baby moon destination for us. As always I wish we had more time as the next time I go – I would love to see the island of Flores.



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