img_0150Welcome to my first blog post finally! This post is going to be about my most recent trip to the Philippines! I’m going to keep my posts pretty simple and make it about all the things I did/where I stayed/what I recommend so please take and leave what you want from it! Also note, I am a budget traveller/backpacker so I stay at the cheaper places but don’t opt out of doing the things I love.

During this holiday I had two weeks in the Philippines and I couldn’t have had a better trip. I met my friend Brayden from home in Canada and we get on so well; I know this because we had conquered a 26 mile hike together in Kauai and roughed it by camping every night/showering at parks on our first trip together… but thats for another post :).

Boracay island – 4 nights:

Getting there:

We flew into Caticlan then you can walk to the port (8 minute walk) and take the boat over to Boracay island – there is a terminal fee of 100 pesos and the boat should only cost 75 pesos; once you get to the other side hire a trike to get to your accommodation.

Another option is flying into Kalibo airport and then getting a shuttle to the port to ferry over. Flights tend to be cheaper from Kalibo but it is about an hour to an hour and a half to get from there to the port.


Mad Monkey Hostel (party hostel FYI); See link:

If you’re looking for a more chill hostel, stay at “Chill Hostel”; no pun intended.

Things to do:

-hire a trike and visit Whites Beach, Puka Beach, Ila Ila Beach (no one was here)

-have sundowners at Spider House Resort Bar

-walk from Whites Beach to Diniwad Beach.

-There are a lot of water activities such as hiring a boat, island hopping (we were saving this for Palawan), helmet diving (which we did), diving etc.

Things I wish I knew/did:

I don’t actually have any as I was really happy with how we spent our days/time on Boracay Island.

Oslob, Cebu – 1 night

Getting there: 

From Cebu city you can take a bus from south terminal and its around 5-6 hours down to Oslob


We stayed at Sharkey Hostel – I do not recommend this hostel but it was perfect for what we were going to do in Oslob as it was situated a minute walk to where we wanted to swim with the Whale sharks. See link:

Things to do:

swim with the whale sharks

Things I wish I knew/did: 

There are tons of other places I would’ve loved to check out on Cebu but didn’t have time for. This includes: moalboal, kasawan falls, bantanyan island, malascupo island

Bohol Island – 2 nights

Getting there:

Boated from Oslob Cebu which was organized through our hostel – 2 hours


We stayed at Moon Fools Hostel along the Panglao island/ Alona beach area. See link:!591!3!184554167915!b!!g!!&source=adwordsdynamic&network=g&creative=184554167915&adposition=1t2&uniqueclickID=12081814902634039964&sub_keyword=&sub_ad=b&sub_publisher=ADW&ef_id=WTkI6QAAAWZfHlQm:20170613113536:s

Things to do:

– rent a motor bike and go to the chocolate hills/ tarsier sanctuary

-diving at Balicascag island was incredible – divers heaven site has so many turtles and the reef is unreal

-walk around Alona beach and visit the shisha bar

Things I wish I knew/did: 

I wish we got to go to the Ingkumhan falls on Bohol and visit the natural pools.

Cebu City – 1 night


Stayed at the Stopover hostel which was less than 10 minutes from the Mactan Cebu airport (stopped over for one night to catch our flight in the AM).

El Nido, Palwan – 4 nights

Getting there:

We flew into Puerto Princessa (can also fly into El Nido but was more expensive), and took a shuttle organized through Cebu Pacific for 5/6 hours to El Nido


We stayed at “At the Moment Hostel” – which was low budget 350 pesos a night but was far from luxurious. You can also stay at Spin Hostel – which was an amazing resort-like hostel for 1000 pesos a night. See link:

Things to do:

– island hopping! Tour A/C. I HIGHLY recommend hiring a private boat and doing the tours to go either earlier or later so you can see the beautiful beaches/lagoons without the crowds of tourists. It is a difference of $3 and makes the tour completely worth it.

-rent kayaks and kayak to beaches

-go to Los Cabanos beach by trike for sundowners

-rented motorbikes to go to Napcan Beach

-watch the sunset at Republica bar

-visit Art cafe

Things I wish I knew/did:  

Tarrow cliff trekking – unfortunately it rained and you cannot do the tour without a guide so we missed out on this hike! Overall though I’m completely satisfied with what we did in El Nido.

Puerto Princessa – 1 night


Stayed at Dallas Hostel for one night to catch the flight back to Manila and home! I don’t recommend this hostel instead refer to Hostelworld. See link:

Overall recommendations:

If I had more time (isn’t that always the case) I would’ve boated to Coron and did more island hopping and would’ve flew to the island Siargao. Siargao is a little surfers paradise/town, which is so up my alley!

Fly with Cebu Pacific and their app. is very easy to use and find flights.

Also note you can probably tell from my first blog post – I don’t really chat about places to eat; don’t get me wrong I LOVE food however I’m also a simple eater so I will eat pretty much anything and will be happy :). I’m sorry to all you foodies out there that want the downlow on restaurants.


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