img_7363_2Cartagena – 5 nights

Getting there:

We arrived in Colombia via sailing the San Blas islands (5-day sailing trip from Panama city). The sailing trip was amazing and our boat was the “Nacar Cat” booked through See link for more details:


Mamallena Hostel; See link:

This hostel was located on the main street of party hostels.

Things to do:

-walk the old colonial town

-shopping was great here

-nightlife was happenin’

-stay over night in playa blanca (1 night); eat cerviche & fruit bowls and go snorkelling

Things I wish I knew/did:

– It is very humid and hot in Cartagena.

– If you are out late, be careful as the cops can be corrupt in Cartagena (they walk around the streets).

– Take a visit to the near by islands Isla Rosario is one that I missed and would’ve liked to visit.

Taganga – 5 nights

Getting there: 

From Cartagena, you can take a shuttle bus to Taganga which takes around 5 hours. There are multiple times available at which you can travel.


We stayed at hostel Casa Felipe (great hammocks). See link: 

Things to do:

– Eat at Balaganoush rooftop restaurant

– Diving

– Visit the beaches

– Hike through Tayrona National Park for the day (book the trip through the hostel); I hiked into Copan

Things I wish I knew/did: 

You can leave your bag here to stay overnight to go to Tayrona National Park, which in hindsight I wish I did. You can stay overnight and camp in a rented tent or netted hammock. The national park was absolutely stunning and wish I could’ve spent more time there.

Medellin – 2 nights

Getting there:

Flying within Colombia is very cheap using:; I flew from Cartagena to Medellin for under $100 which saved tons of travel time (I believe the bus is around 12 hours overnight for similar pricing).


We stayed at Casa Kiwi Hostel in the El Plobado area. See link:

Things to do:

– Free walking tour is a must-do; the history is incredible

-Can also do the Pablo Escobar tour which is fascinating

-Do the cable car to get incredible views of the city


-Nightlife is so much fun here

Things I wish I knew/did: 

I wish we had time to do the day trip out to Guatape as well as just explore more of the city of Medellin.


Overall recommendations:

Colombia is one of few countries I’d go back too (just because I love exploring new places) because it was absolutely INCREDIBLE. The list goes on for all the cities/places/beaches I wish I got to see (Bogata, Cali, spent more time in Medellin, Santa Marta, Palomino).

If you go to Santa Marta, Minca, stay at Casa Elemento; its famous for one of the largest hammocks in the world with a sweet view. See link:

It is likely you’ll need a visa. For us, the visa was sorted easily upon arrival but that’s because the Blue Sailing company arranged it.

It was very safe and I had no issues throughout my travels.



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