Italy is a country I will never grow tired of (I came here 3 separate times). Whether it be visiting the northern coastal towns, the canals of Venice, or wine tasting my way through Tuscany, this country is absolutely breathtaking.

Cinque Terre 

Getting there:

We flew into Pisa airport then got the train up to the northern region of Italy known as Cinque Terre (5 coastal towns).


We stayed here for 4 nights in an Air B n B in La Spezia which is right outside of the 5 coastal towns (Monterrosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore); region is known as Cinque Terre National Park. I can recommend this hostel based on location; see link:

Things to do:

– Trek through the 5 coastal towns

– Swim on the beach of Monterrosso

– Drink lots of wine, eat lots of pasta, and treat yourself with Gelato everyday

– Take it all in!

Tuscany (Florence, Pisa, Chianti Wine Region, Siena, San Gimignano) 

Getting there:

Flew into Pisa airport and took a train to Florence.


We based out of Florence and did a day trip covering the Tuscany region. This hostel is right in city center; see link:

Things to do:

– Walk around old part of all the towns

– See leaning tower of Pisa

– Go wine tasting in Chianti wine region and stroll the vineyards

– Take in the view of Florence from the Duomo Cathedral

– View Ponte Vecchio bridge

– Eat gelato 3x a day

What I wish I knew/did:

Florence is a brilliant city for art & its museums. If you have time definitely go see the statue of David. I do highly recommend the tour as we got to tour around all of Tuscany – how good is that!?


Getting there:

From Florence we took the train to Venice which was around 50 euros.


We stayed in a hotel here but after reviewing the hostels I would recommend:

Things to do:

– Hire a boat and ride through the Canals

– Walk around and get lost in the streets

– See St. Marks Basilica & Rialto Bridge

– Go for happy hour and a good meal in the squares


Getting there:

Flew into Rome airport and got a bus down to Terracina- an italian beach stopover.


We stayed in a hotel/guesthouse but unfortunately my memory has gotten away from me  on this beach town so I’m unable to provide an educated recommendation!

Things to do:

– Visit the beaches

– Walk around old town

What I wish I knew/did:

Terracina was a random and spontaneous pit stop we made before Rome for a couple nights. There wasn’t much there but we went to the beaches and couldn’t ask for anything more relaxing!


Getting there:

Flew into Rome airport from Spain.


Haha I went here with the girls and we stayed at a hotel called the Prince Inn – a good laugh, but not somewhere I’d recommend. See link for a good hostel:

Things to do:

– Make a wish at Trevi Fountain

– Spend a day at the Colosseum

– Visit the Pantheon

– Visit St. Peters Basilica

– Grab a bottle and sit on the Spanish steps

– Just eat, drink, and walk your way through Rome !

What I wish I knew/did:

Rome is great as it has so much history! We only spent two days there and that was fine for us.

Overall Recommendations:

Italy is amazing with amazing food! Each time I went to Italy I was only there for around 4 days. I would love to go back and do Almafi coast, Positano, Naples and Island of Capri.




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