I visited France on two separate occasions; each trip was a weekend getaway with ma famille!


Getting there:

At the time  I was living in Budapest in 2011, so we flew return into Paris.


We stayed at a little air b n b near the Eiffel Tower

Things to do:

– Do the Eiffel Tower tour

– Wander the Louvre

– Visit Sacre-couer

– Do a day trip to Chateau Versailles

– Do a dinner boat trip down the Seine River

– Drink lots of wine, eat lots of cheese & pastries & bread

What I wish I knew/did:

Public transit is really busy! Just like the London Tube. We did the hop-on hop-off tour and I highly recommend it.

Southern France (Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco)

Getting there:

– My second trip to South of France, I was living in England and flew return to Nice.


– We stayed at a hotel in Nice and trained from Nice to other cities along the south coast.

Things to do:

– we trained from Nice to Monte Carlo (Monaco) for the day which is actually a different country! This train ride from Nice was approximately an hour

– explored Cannes & Antibes by train- beach hopped, cafes, patios

– visited the cemetery/ top view points of Nice

–  had a beach day in Nice

What I wish I knew/did:

Would’ve loved more time 🙂




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